Due to the nature of our business, First Choice recognise we have a responsibility to monitor and implement new procedures in order to reduce our CO2 emissions. Our company is committed to improving environmental performance.

First Choice work closely with the Energy Saving Trust with their 'Motorvate' scheme (a government backed scheme) to monitor and develop action plans for our environmental policy objective and we are proud to have been awarded a Certification.

  • We have a low emission fleet of buses with Eco Start functions
  • We have installed vehicle speed limiters to improve safety, reduce fuel and lower CO2 emissions
  • We continually assess our organisation's activities and identify areas where we may minimise impact on our environment
  • We publicise our environmental position
  • We seek to join Associations that support both ours and our clients' Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • We have installed the latest Telematics technology:
    - to help schedule our vehicles efficiently 
    - to measure our fleet's performance and monitor driver behaviour in order to reduce fuel   consumption and CO2 vehicle emissions 
    - to monitor performance and target systems which include key performance indicators 
    - to provide driver development and performance management in order to achieve safe and fuel   efficient driving techniques